April 8, 2010

romance or mystery?

My mom sent me this e-mail this morning:

Liz, I found this on my old hard drive. I'm assuming you wrote it, although it was in Stephen's file. What happens after chapter two? You left me hanging. Mom

As I read the attachment I started cracking up. I was such a silly pre-teen girl who had read "Wait For Marcy" too many times (Have any of you read it? I still secretly love that book.) So, read on if you'd like to catch a glimpse into the silliness that was me at 12-years-old:

Chapter 1
Tall, thin, and tan best described Lydia Fairfield. She was a delicate girl of 16 with big, brown eyes that were enchanting according to her friends. Her golden hair was always pulled in a ponytail on normal school days, but on weekends and special occasions, Lydia could do almost anything with such agreeable hair.

Tonight, Lydia looked more than special. She was dressed in the most becoming white dress available to show-off her tan that she had gained this summer. Her hair, put in a frenzy of curls, was formed just right around her face. As she slipped into her new white pumps, the doorbell rang and her heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t believe that Ridge Gilman actually asked her to go to the movies with him. He was the most popular, most good looking boy at her school. . . and he had asked her out! Joy surged through her.

“Lydia! Someone’s at the door!” her mother called obviously unaware that it was her date. Honestly, she thought, sometimes Mother can be so scatterbrained. Lydia skipped down the stairs and quickly looking at her reflection in the hall mirror, she smiled faintly and opened the door.

“Oh!” Lydia gasped for instead of the handsome, perfect, Ridge Gilman, her next door neighbor and good friend, Stephen Cray, stood on her doorstep.

“Why. . .” Lydia couldn’t find the words to say. Stephen grinned and said, “Hello,” He whistled and gave her a double-take, “Why are you all spiffed up?”

“I would ask you the same.” Lydia shot back. Of course, he wasn’t as good looking or charming as Ridge, but tonight he wasn’t in the least unsatisfactory. He wore gray slacks, a white shirt and a green tie that really set off his eyes. This was definitely the best she had ever seen him. “Are you going someplace special?”

“Oh not very. . .” Stephen said, “Just out with Claire. We’re going to the movies.”

Claire? Since when did Claire take an interest in Stephen? Claire Bennett was Lydia’s best friend, so why shouldn’t she have told her she was going out with him. They were almost always together. Day and night. In fact, Lydia had gone to Claire’s just that morning. Surely, Stephen would have had the decency to ask her out before then.

“Oh, that’s nice. Ridge was just about to take me to the movies also. In fact, I think he just pulled up.” Lydia said in her most aloof manner. She acted as if Ridge asked her out all the time even though Stephen knew better. Lydia walked past Stephen and onto the driveway. Sure enough, Ridge was just getting out of the car and helping another girl out. Again, Lydia was surprised. How could he have another girl with him? Jealously raged over her as she walked over to where he was shutting the door .

“Hello there Lydia.” a familiar voice called out.

“Oh! Claire!” Lydia said with a definite note of relief, “I thought. . . oh, never mind.”

“Ridge was nice enough to drive me here. Stephen said he wanted to see you before our date so I asked Ridge to take me when I saw him at the Club today.” Claire explained. Lydia was confused and bewildered.

“See me? Why’s that?” She asked looking at Stephen who suddenly had taken an interest in his shoes.

“Oh, no reason. I just wanted to ask you something. . .” he drifted off and let his eyes slide over to Claire and then said, “Thanks for driving Claire over Ridge. I appreciate it. Instead of us pairing off, why not make it a double date?” Oh no! Please Stephen! How could you? thought Lydia. But Ridge, somehow, knew her thoughts.

“Not this time old pal.” he said in a deep, irresistible voice, “I want to get to know Lydia better.” Claire looked at her as if to say, “Lucky!” and she knew she was.

Happily, Lydia took Ridge’s arm and called to her mother that she was leaving. He opened the door for her and as she got in, she inhaled the fabulous smell of his cologne. Oh, it was heavenly! Ridge opened the door and looked in at her. Lydia gave him her most enchanting look. He grinned, satisfactory with his date.

As they pulled up to the theater, Ridge turned to her and said, “Lydia, you must be wondering why I asked you out.”

“Well, yes. I have been wondering why you picked me out of all the other girls at school.” Lydia replied obviously thrilled with his choice.

“To be frank, I was getting sick of all the girls at school.” he went on, “They all swoon and giggle, but none of them have a mind like you do. You’re smart and I like that in a girl. You have a head with a brain and not bubbles. You speak your opinion without being offensive. And besides that, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.”

By now, Lydia was beet red, but in a nice way. She was so pleased with what he had said. Her whole body was filled with joy and vitality. She didn’t know what to say, but the words finally came.

“Thank you. I like you too.” He smiled his wonderful smile and they walked inside, hand in hand.

After a hilarious show, Ridge took her elbow and lead her out to the car, talking intimately.

“Why must old folks insist on talking during a movie?” he queried. “After all, the way they’ve been brought up, they might have the decency keep quiet. Especially when it’s Chaplin.”

Lydia laughed lightly, flipping her hair and talking to him about anything and everything. They talked about, politics, school, sports, movies, music, going steady, anything that they were interested in. They joked and teased, but talked seriously too. It was an enchanting night.

Ridge stopped the car, and said, “Well, how’s that for a night out?”

Lydia laughed gaily, “Oh, it was wonderful Ridge! Thanks ever so much!”

He got out of the car and helped her out. They continued to walk to the front porch. “Do you know what’s strange?” Ridge went on, “I always thought you were special. I never bothered asking you out though because I always thought you would be taken. I’m glad I finally did though.” He smiled and took her hand, “You’ll have to forgive me for not asking you out sooner. I like you so much Lydia. . . “ He leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips. Lydia looked at him and dazily walked in the house.

That night, Lydia didn’t fall asleep right away. She lay in bed for quite sometime as she was in utter joy. She couldn’t believe he had actually kissed her! Her whole body had a tingly feeling from head to toe and her head was spinning in circles at the thought. He liked her too! Oh, how wonderful! she thought to herself as she drifted off to a cloudy dream about the fantastic, Ridge Gilman.

Chapter 2

Sprawled on the floor, in her most comfortable position, Claire gasped, “Kissed you? Oh you lucky!” She had rushed over the very next day when Lydia had called and begged to confide in her in the adventures of the previous night.

“Oh, Claire! If only he would ask me out again.” Lydia went on, “He is so wonderful that I can’t understand why he would, but. . .”

Claire obviously was in defense for her friend. “Of course he’ll ask you on a date again! He kissed you for Pete’s sake! You know that Stephen is interested in you also.” She said with a slight hint of jealousy in her tone.

“Claire, what shall I do? I don’t like Stephen like that. Doesn’t he understand?” Lydia said wishing that his feelings would be contained just to friendship. “Why do you sound so wishful? Do you like Stephen?”

“I do, but he is so interested in you.” Claire pronounced, “Everything you do, every move you make, he watches you.”

“Oh, Claire you exaggerate--” Lydia was cut off by a knock at her door.

“Lydia, there’s someone at the door for you.” Her mother called.

Lydia looked at Claire and raised her perfect eyebrows. “Who could that be?” They rushed down the stairs that led to the entrance. There stood tall, handsome Ridge dressed in tennis attire with a grin on his tanned face.

“Hello Lydia. Claire.” His deep voice echoed in the hall where they stood. “I was wondering what you were doing?” He picked up his racket and swung a few practice hits, “Want to come play a little while?”

“I’d love to!” Lydia said with her eyes aglow, “I need to brush up on my tennis skills.” She looked at Claire, who got the hint.

“Oh, I wish I could join you, but I really must be going.” Claire said slyly, “Mother will be needing me soon. I hope you two have fun.” She started out the door, “I’ll call you later Lydia.” She gave her a look that said, “Remember everything!”

As Claire shut the door, Ridge looked at Lydia. “Shall we?” were his irrestiable words. Lydia smiled and rushed up the stairs to get dressed.

The waiter brought their cokes at the Club, and Lydia sipped the foam from the top, a habit she had gained. It seemed childish now, but Ridge smiled at her not noticing her embarrassment.

“Lydia, I need to speak with you.” Ridge said. He took her hand under the table, “You know I’ll be leaving for college soon. . . I want you to save a few dates for me when I get back.” He was serious, she could tell as she looked in his eyes.

“Of course I will Ridge,” Lydia said faithfully. “If you still like me then.” she teased.

He looked at her, not even considering his feelings for her to become lesser. “How could I not like you then?” he said, “I will always be interested in you no matter how long I’m gone or who I meet.” His eyes were glowing in interest at the bright face he stared at.

“Do you want to leave?” he said aloud, “I’ve been meaning to go see my aunt and now seems like the perfect time.” Of course, Lydia was enthusiastic to meet one of his family members and accepted his offer.

Ridge’s aunt turned out to be an elderly lady widowed years before. She lived alone in a huge house just outside of town. As Ridge took Lydia’s arm and led her up the stone steps that led to the mansion towering above them, he told her about his aunt’s unpredictable moods. Sometimes, she would be friendly and cheerful. But other times, usually on rainy, drizzly days, she would be selfish and crabby and refused to see visitors. Ridge hoped his aunt wasn’t in this mood today. He knew you only get one first impression.

He rang the bell and the old, kind butler let them in and sat them in the parlor. As he called on this mysterious aunt, Lydia looked at the moldings that hid much of the decaying ceiling. Lionheads and gargoyles were carefully descripted in the shape of the roofing. She recognized something in one corner of the room. It looked as if it had not been seen for years.

“Ridge, darling!” this cry startled Lydia. She jumped and turned to the doorway to face a beautiful old lady with silver hair and blue eyes that lit up the room. Oh, she is in a good mood. thought Lydia. She smiled as Ridge kissed his aunt and helped her sit down.

“What brings you to visit an old lady like me?” she teased excited to have company. It was obvious that this woman was lonely and wanted someone to speak to.

“Oh, we just came to visit.” Ridge explained. He took Lydia’s elbow and pulled her gently toward the aging lady. “This is Lydia Fairfield. A friend of mine.” He emphasized friend and Lydia wondered what this could mean.

“Lydia? Oh, Lydia. How nice to meet you!” his aunt replied smiling warmly at her. She immediately felt comfortable around her and they began to chat. “You may call me Eliza. I have been looking forward to the day when dear Ridge would bring a girlfriend.” She went on, “I’m so glad he found someone as sweet as you.” Lydia smiled at the kind lady and blushed.

“Oh my goodness!” Lydia said suddenly, “I should have been home long ago!” The hours had flown by as she and Ridge chatted with his Aunt Eliza. She was such a fun person to talk to that she could have stayed there all day.

She and Ridge stood up to leave. “Oh, you two must come back soon. You know I love visitors!” Then she added, “Lydia darling, would you mind it so much if I stole Ridge for a moment? I have something in the basement I need him to bring to his father.” Lydia gave her consent and as Eliza and Ridge walked away, he winked and smiled at her. She turned and looked at her surroundings. What a beautiful room she thought to herself. It’s absolutely enchanting. She remembered seeing an object in the corner of the room and slowly made her way to the direction she . . .

This where I stopped writing. I don't know why and I haven't the faintest idea where this story was heading but it sure was fun to read. I'm dying over the fact that I named one of the characters "Ridge Gilman". What on earth? I used to love to write short stories. I guess that's why I love to blog! My mom suggested that we send this to my niece to see what she could come up with. Wouldn't that be fun?


  1. Oh the musings of the young teenage girl mind. Looks like you read some of the same type of books I did in my younger days. If only we knew what was in the corner. I sure hope your niece will continue it.

  2. Oh, Liz! That was delightful :)
    I used to write little short stories too- but they always revolved around magic, time travel or ghosts- even though I was TERRIFIED of ghosts! They were usually the ghosts that needed someone to solve a mystery though... anywho! I loved how every beautiful person in the story had a tan! That sounds like what I thought was beautiful at 12 years old too! Yes- PLEASE tell us what she found was in the corner- it's KILLING me!!!

  3. I didn't have time to read this, this morning...BUT I DID! Now it really bugs me not to know what was going to happen. You write REALLY well! YOU should finish it! Then let me read it, cause you got my curiosity up!

  4. p.s. Are you on Goodreads?! I just followed the link to that book and saw it was from goodreads! I'm on there too- we've GOT to compare books!

  5. I loved all the Rosamond Du Jardin books!! I tried to get them on amazon but they are hard to come by and or expensive. They were so sweet.

  6. Makes me wish some of my old short stories were laying around somewhere - yours was enchanting! Irresistible! :)

  7. 12 years old when you wrote this?? You are really talented! At 12 I think I was still playing with Barbies, not writing such articulate short stories. I'm impressed! You should write a short story now...I wonder what ever happened with Lydia and Ridge :)

  8. Ridge... The Bold and the Beautiful???

  9. I totally enjoyed it! If you ever decide to finish it let me know!

  10. How sweet and romantic...in a young girl's mind. I love it.

    You had/have a gift for writing!

  11. YILES....okay what was it in the basement LOL!!!! What fun, now I'll be thinking of this all day! teehehehehehe...I am not a natural reader and I must say you caught my attention I think you have talent!

  12. LIZ!!! I want you to finish this! make it into a book!! its so good! ive recently started to loove reeading and this is soo awesome! I love to write too, and this is amazing! You have so much talent!

  13. I'm dying to know what was in the corner Liz!? What was it.... don't leave us hanging like this!!!!

    You are a very good writer I must say! You wrote that at 12 years old? Wow!! You've got a gift!

  14. Oh. My. Heck! I NEED the rest of that story! Just make something up for me. I would really appreciate it!


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