April 7, 2010

history made fun

One of our new favorite places to take visitors in San Diego is the Mormon Battalion Center in Old Town. Don't scoff. It is seriously amazing. My parents had taken our family years ago when it was just a little building with a black and white video and a few historical pictures. I hated going there. This newly remodeled center is really well done. Even if you aren't Mormon it is a very interesting place to visit to learn about how San Diego was settled. One of my friends even said, "It's like Disneyland but free!" No, there aren't rollercoasters and Mickey Mouse isn't walking around but there are some fun things to do like take an old family photo with a "vintage camera" (which we did both times we went), pan for gold and there's also a beautiful view of the city from the tower.
I'm really embarrassed about how fat I look in these pictures but I've swallowed my pride and am posting them anyway because William looks darling.


  1. You don't look fat! You are so gorgeous!

  2. I agree with M-- you do not look fat!! You always look stunning!!!!!!

  3. You are 'darling' as well as William... and you don't look fat!!! Did you look up our ancestral grandfather that was in the Mormon Battalion while you were there? They gave me a copy of his history while I was there. Very interesting.


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