April 6, 2010

easter 2010

Before the awful earthquake experience of 2010, we actually had a very nice Easter weekend in El Centro. We listened to our church leaders and the Prophet speak in General Conference and enjoyed beautiful music.

The Bunny came to visit William too and filled his basket with Easter books (including some beautiful Eloise Wilkin board books - a favorite), candy (guess who that's for?) and a ducky squeak toy which makes the funniest sound when squeezed that even I have to laugh. The hit of the day though was the green paper grass filler in the basket. Christmas is going to be really fun with all that wrapping paper. William had a strong grasp on as much as he could get his hands on.
And yes, my baby is a total redhead. It's awesome and I love it.


  1. William is one of the most beautiful babies ever! I love his cute outfits. I found your blog through Nie...I really love your recipes and photographs!
    p.s...glad no one was hurt in the earthquake...scary!

  2. William is as adorable as they come! Look forward to seeing your family at the family reunion!

  3. Kaitlynn loved the grass the best as well. But she also loved the candy filled eggs to shake! I was looking at your blog when she was on my lap and she got so excited to see the pictures of your little guy! :)

  4. Parker sure enjoyed playing with that grass too... it was worth the mess to see the smile on his face as he played with it! Williams hair is getting more red! I love it! He is so stinking cute!!!! I'm glad you were at least able to have a fun time before the earthquake-- and once again glad you're safe! I can't wait for Pinetop!!

  5. ....a very beautiful redhead=) I love his hair....he's adorable.

  6. well, what an ordeal and I cannot believe the damage...thank goodness you are okay. And uhhh....could William be any cuter on Easter. Yum!


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