March 12, 2010


I really loved walking in on this the other day. David reading a library book outloud to William so that he could read but also keep an eye on the babe while I took a shower. I love multi-tasking.

P.S. Have you read The Hunger Games? I don't care if it's young adult fiction (says the Harry Potter fanatic). It's so good!


  1. I liked the sequel better than the original, and will certainly read the third one (though, yes, they're a little young-adultish for my taste. Needs more gore.) Sarah loves them. :)

    I can't get over how photogenic your kid is. We have three and getting any of them to smile WHILE taking a picture is practically impossible.

  2. You must have the most awesome photo albums! That is a sweet pic!

  3. I love that Dave is reading The Hunger Games. I haven't read it yet cause it sounded like another Twilight thing. Is it?
    It's also the book for Book Group next month so when you're finished with it can I borrow it? I need something to read and I haven't heard anything bad about it yet so it must be good.

  4. Hey Liz!
    First of all, I have to tell you that you are amazing! I ment to wright you a note the other day, but like usual something came up and one of my girls needed me that very second! I just have to tell you that you have no idea how much I enjoy reading your blog and how wonderfuly beautiful I think it is. Don't you ever dare talk about giving up on it! I love seeing all those sweet little moments! You encourage me to keep up on my culinary skills and to try new things! You also make me be more adventerous! Your such a cute new mom and seems like you are light years ahead of me. I could barely hold it together for the whole first year after my first baby. I wish you well with your new posts and remember even when it seems like no one at all is reading your blog, I am and always will!

  5. Greetings from LA!

    I found your blog and I must say, William is the cutest baby ever! Hands down. He should model for Gerber or Baby Gap or something!! LOL.


  6. That is so adorable that he read out loud to William! I had fun talking to you for an hour and a half today! ha ha! There is never a dull conversation with you!! Can't wait to see you in a week and a half!

  7. I just finished that book earlier this week! I was up until 2am reading it. So good.

  8. So cute. And, there was just an article in the LA Times about how popular YA Lit is among adults - so you're very trendy!

    Here's the article.

  9. Love that book! The second one was just as good, if not better. And it is good you are starting your little one reading so young. Look, he's already into young adult reading!
    By the way, I really enjoy your blog! I found it through CJane a long time ago but have never commented. :/
    I hope you keep writing!

  10. I have heard so much about that book. I have it on hold at the library. (I know it will be awhile)
    I am also a long time reader but haven't commented ever. I really am inspired by your blog. Keep writing and Thanks!


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