March 11, 2010

room with a view

Living in an apartment is not ideal. I often feel like we live in a concrete box. I really hate not having a yard or at least a patio than can hold more than two people and a pathetic, dying flower box at one time.

However, on Sunday morning I looked out the window while washing my breakfast dishes and thought, "What a beautiful view!" It had just rained and our apartment (on the 4th floor) has a lovely view of the mountain in all its beautiful Spring glory. It's part of the reason we picked this exact apartment and I'm so glad we did. It's all about enjoying the "season" of your life that you're living, right?


  1. You are so right about enjoying the "season" in our lives... kinda like that country song by Trace Adkins "Your Gonna Miss This" As we get older memories of the past look so wonderful.

  2. That is so true Liz. Sometimes, we crowd our lives with so much stuff that we forget to look up and just enjoy the view! :) That is a really gorgeous picture!

  3. Elizabeth this is so true. I rememeber being a young mom and looking out my window and dreaming. Funny thing ALL my dreams came true, now I look out my window children grown with families of their own adn I don't have dreams any longer, they have been replaced with memories. Isn't life just too funny......enjoy the memory making Elizabeth! Hugs~Donna

  4. I love this. Such a good reminder. We're in an apartment, too - my husband, myself and a feisty 14-month old boy. It's hard not to complain about the lack of yard, lack of storage space, etc. Most days I have to force myself to change my perspective: instead of cramped, I think, "Isn't this cozy?", because someday, I know I will miss it - the way we all barely fit into our tiny living room, the way we can carry on conversations from different rooms rooms, the way I can always hear his adorable, incomprehensible babbling without even using a baby monitor...


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