January 31, 2010

see world, sea world

We live incredibly close to Sea World (like 2 miles) and since we have a year pass there, we thought we'd take a trip with William on Saturday. Sure - he's way too small to enjoy our favorite things about Sea World like the Bat Ray petting zoo, the Pets Rule show and the polar bear exhibit but we took him anyway.

It was a really nice day out and William was in a great mood (i.e. fresh diaper and fully tummy):

and then

First we took him to see these black and white dolphins which were swimming all over a blue tank. He was enthralled and folded his hands reverently while he gazed at them flying back and forth, up and down in the blue water.It was a sight to see - and in true "new parent" fashion - we watched him more than the dolphins.
And here's what he watched:
Then we saw one of our favorite shows "Pets Rule". I know, I know. Who willingly watches a bunch of dogs, cats and pigs run around on an astroturf stage at Sea World when there are killer and baluga whales to be seen? Us . . . that's who. It's seriously such a cute show. William wasn't too keen on the loud noises and the loud speaker blasting "Who Let the Dogs Out" (yikes). In fact, his little lip quivered too many times for my taste. It was very sad. But in the end, he survived.
At the end of the day:


  1. How fun! William is so stinkin cute! I can see why you watched him more than the sea animals! I can't wait to experience that with Parker! We want to go to the zoo with you guys when we come into town! I can't wait!

  2. Awwwwwwww!

    I miss those days. (Our children are 18 and 13 now.) ::sniff::


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