February 15, 2010

boy friends

Steve, Erin and Parker came to San Diego this weekend . . . and now they're gone. Sob. We went to Bread & Cie, grabbed some sandwiches and had a picnic in Coronado.
Erin and I are camera happy and snapped about a million pictures of our boys (little and big).
Then we had (big) boys take pictures of us with our (little) boys.
Parker was so cute with William. It's so fun that we both have boys and that they're only 3 months apart.
Parker kept making William laugh. He would softly touch his cheek and they just gazed at each other. Erin and I are confident they were talking to each other.
It was so fun! Come back soon!


  1. Aaaaahhhhh! Love this post!! Makes me want to start my vacation all over again! It was so precious watching William and Parker together! They were so having a conversation in baby talk! We had so much fun with you guys this weekend!! I can't wait to do it again!

  2. William is so good natured! Just look at these two! Oh boy I can see them coniving great adventures together!

  3. What fun! Those two are little buddies even at this age, so cute!


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