December 11, 2009

a to z

this wall in my living room has been driving me batty since we moved in. I had several alphabet letters and clumped them together. you can't tell from this picture but my mother-in-law had a few "d" blocks from an old newspaper press and she gave them to us. those are the black things next to the S and the W. I think a K and an A would look great next.
I swear it looks much better in real life.


  1. Looks cute! I love your sail boat artwork - where did you get it?

  2. erica: antique plaza in downtown mesa. love it!

  3. Very cute! You are so creative! And I really like your pillows!

  4. liz, you can show off your letterpress d by dabbing some rubbing alcohol on the letter. leave the background dark and it makes the letter pop.


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