October 24, 2009

new threads

Did you notice my awesome new blog style?
Thank you Ellie from Rainy Day Templates! I have a major blog crush on her. Not only is she so fun to work with but she was so patient with all my questions, took the time to work with customizing my template and obviously has excellent taste. I'm super excited.


  1. i think the layout looks amazing! great job.

  2. wow! so cute!
    I want to customize my template aswell..

  3. It is so cute!!! I always go for the "free blog design..." that everyone else has. I'm curious how you find someone to help you design a blog. Can you give us a link to her website?

  4. OK... I just moved my cursor over the name of her company and it IS a link... oops. You thought of everything! :D

  5. You are super pro now. Love the new look.


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