October 26, 2009

friends shower

I feel so thankful to have such great friends here in San Diego. It’s always hard moving somewhere new, not knowing a soul. One thing I love about my church is that no matter where I go in the world, I always have friends with the same morals, standards and usually – the same interests. It just comes with the territory.

Even though I had already been spoiled with 3 baby showers, these fun girls and I met up for another shower at Panera Bread a few weeks ago where we talked for hours and hours about how we met our husbands, funny stories, how to parent, etc. while eating sandwiches and salads and finishing off dinner with this delicious cake.

Girl time is vitally important to mental well-being and I’m so glad there are such fun friendships to be had here.


  1. I'm excited to hear the news that your baby arrived. Lots of luck!

  2. How fun! Gotta love girl time!! I'm so glad you have so many friends there! :)

  3. Such a fun night! We will have to have another girls night soon. Can't wait to meet your lil buddy! It's getting so close!

  4. loving your new blog "threads."

    anyday now, junior should be just about ready! so exciting!

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I can't wait to meet your little one (I'm sure you can't either).

  6. You are one of the most beautiful pregnant people I know. You are beautiful when you are not pregnant, but you look so happy and content being pregnant. I am so happy for you and can't wait to see the little guy.


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