November 28, 2008

new etsy item

new etsy items are up for sale at my shop here! wahoo! here's a sneak peak at a special one I'm loving:
winter barn 16 x 20 inch canvas (acrylic)


  1. I love the red flower print. So pretty! BTW, you are not posting on Delish enough!

  2. I wish I had the money right now to buy your winter barn scene. It's so beautiful and appealing to my senses. I love it!

  3. I love your beautiful items. really hoping for a weekend update soon?!

  4. I really like this painting. It's simple and cute and feels like a safe place to be. :)

  5. Hi Lizzie.
    I found your blog through reading nienie. I am so glad that I did because I love your creativity and I also LOVE your food blog :)
    Just wanted to also let you know your family is in my thoughts and prayers as you are on the long path of recovery.
    Take Care!

  6. I love that!

    I read that you helped Claire set up a blog? I bet she just loves having so many hip and creative aunts. I can't imagine how excited I would be if my beautiful aunt helped me do something like that.

    I so love your blog! And you etsy shop!


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