August 12, 2008

pretty birds

I am love, love, loving Artista's work. Check out her blog here.
P.S. I think I might want some watercolor painting lessons for my birthday.
Anyone have a recommendation?


  1. i hate to say it but with a recent watching of dumb & dumber...pretty birds reminded me of that poor blind boy stroking the dead little bird and repeating pretty bird, pretty bird....!!!!

  2. those birds are just what i have been looking for! i can't find them on her website though :( can you share where they are? oh how i hope they are still available!

  3. Liz,
    oh how I miss the beach, as well. This year was surprisingly relaxing for us what with the babysitters and all. I posted a cute photo of you and Dav-O on my bloggish blog.

  4. Ooooo... I love those too. What is it with me and birds? I love them!

  5. Sara,

    Hmmm, I probably looked at every single post she has done so I can't really remember where I found it. I think it was about the 3rd page back from the current one. Sorry I'm not more help. Aren't they lovely though? She's an illustrator but I don't know if they are for sale or not. I'm sure you could e-mail her and ask.


  6. Thanks Lizzy!
    I emailed her and she has the originals, I think I'm going to get one, I will send you a pic of it in my apartment :)


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