August 14, 2008

inspiration: a dedication to

When it comes to my interests, I'm extremely fickle. I started college as a Vocal Performance Major, then Psychology, then English, then Vocal Performance and then finally finished my degree in Culinary Arts with a minor in English and Music. (Whew! I got almost all of them in there!) Sadly, my career path has not lead me in any of those directions and I find myself craving to do something with the talents I have.

This week, I've been inspired through blogs a LOT. Probably the most I've ever been inspired in my 3+ years of blogging. That is one big reason why I love blogging. I love how so many people inspire me with their talents and happy reminders that my talents are great too. Oh Happy Day, {frolic!}, Party Perfect, a little sussy, decor8blog, Snippet & Ink . . . what would I do without you all?

Since I made those purses at the ranch, I've been really dedicated to enhance what little sewing skills I have. So, I'm working on making this party garland from PurlBee. I probably bought 8 awesome different fabrics the other day and I've been going crazy getting out my apron patterns, purse patterns, garland patterns and cutting them out.

I also have been so inspired by artwork. Have you seen Paul Ferney's artwork (Jordan's husband of Oh Happy Day)? It is heavenly. I wish with all my might that I could paint like that and/or have the funds to purchase some of his work. He is one talented Mister. I think that's part of why I really want to take painting lessons. For my last birthday, David researched some options for me to take classes but I decided they were too expensive and didn't end up making the arrangements. I really want to take some watercolor lessons so I can paint a little something like this:

"White Cliffs of Dover" by Anthony Flemming

Don't even get me STARTED on cakes. OK . . . Snippet & Ink is killing me with all their delicious wedding cake showcasing! Like the one below from Masse Pastries and this gorgeous cake from Twigg Botanicals and this awesome cake (and wedding, I might add) from Alison and Eric's wedding. I just think I might want to be a cake master too!

And since I don't have enough inspiration to deal with right now (snort), please share some things that have inspired you lately to be more creative!


  1. Liz, I fear you and I have the same problem. We love too many things and don't have the time, funds or brain power to do them all! It's exciting and frustrating! And I love your blog, by the way:)

  2. Maybe you already looked into it, but you may find an affordable class by going through a community college. The continuing education classes (offered no credit) are only for a couple weeks usually at night.

    I received a catalogue in the mail recently and found a lot of interesting ones at an affordable price ... pottery, oil painting, acrylics, watercolor, ballroom dance, etc.

  3. I tried to find your email address but I couldn't find it. I just wanted to extend my sympathies, your family is in my prayers.

    All the best.


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