September 24, 2018

6th camping party

We celebrated Fritz's 6th Birthday back in April with a camping theme party! It was so fun. April isn't always a great month here, weather wise, so we set up a tent in our living room and the kids all thought it was sooooo cool.
We had a trail mix bar, canteens filled with water, mini hot dogs (I didn't have time to take a picture) and chocolate cake. The kids played in the tent until we caught a break in the weather and then they went outside for a scavenger hunt with paper sacks. We're pretty lucky in that our backyard is a treasure trove of random things so I sent the kids on a scavenger hunt to find "something fuzzy", "something shiny", something crunchy", etc. It was pretty much ZERO work on my part and a lot of fun for the kids. Perfect. I don't bother preparing many activities for the kids birthday parties anymore cause they just thrilled to be playing with their friends.
Happy Birthday to our funny, kind-hearted, cheerful, friendly, generous Fritz. We love you!


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