May 16, 2017

fritzy turns five

My favorite middle child turned five last month. Fritz is such a great kid. He's so thoughtful - he's always offering things and bringing me things that he thinks I'll like or need. He's funny - did I ever tell you that he randomly started calling me "m'lady", like he's a character in Downton Abbey? He's forgiving, which I'm personally so grateful for. He is quick to forgive and forget. He's a great example. He's cheerful and friendly and I just love the person he is.

Fritz loves food and cooking so naturally, I decided to have a cooking themed party, which obviously worked out well for me too. I made a chandelier out of wooden spoons and an embroidery hoop. Really easy and it was like $5. I also bought this checkered, paper table runner and it was perfect, which I also cut up to make the garland.

He invited a few friends over and the kids started out by decorating their own aprons. Then I made fresh pasta, simple San Marzano tomato sauce and mozzarella stuffed meatballs (which were delicious!) and a cheese platter, which had Point Reyes Blue cheese on it... as ALL cheese platters should.
Fritz wanted a strawberry and chocolate cake for his birthday and I have to tell you that I seriously broke down in tears the night before the party when I tried for the second time to make Swiss Meringue Buttercream with fresh strawberries. Never. Again. It doesn't work, guys. Don't let Martha deceive you. My super amazing, and chocolatier/patissier friend, Autumn, gave me great advice though. Use freeze dried strawberries instead of fresh! This has renewed my faith in meringue not breaking on me - I will try it again and report back. Maybe next year... The memories are still fresh. At least it tasted good (ganache and lots of butter has that effect)!

Would you look at that face? Oh, my heart.
Happy Birthday my wonderful, wonderful boy. I'll love you forever.


  1. Cutest party ever. Love the spoon chandelier!

  2. What a beautiful job you did! I hope you gave your self credit for it. Amazing!

  3. How cute! Happy Birthday Fritz!!

    Your meat and cheese trays always look soooo good.


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