January 10, 2017

skate, skate, skate

I am so behind on blogging so here I go with a hefty catch-up! David's company had a family ice skating event in downtown Bellevue the week of Christmas. It was in the middle of the work day so it wasn't super well attended, which was very nice for these novice skaters! Fritz spent most of the time being besties with this PVC walker and started to get pretty good at it! I love this sweet smile of his.
Look at him go!

Meanwhile, David and I took turns taking a picture with Louisa and then she hung out with one of us the rest of the time. She did not like being left out but she's too little to skate and it's apparently really dangerous to ice skate while holding a child, so she watched from the sidelines and seemed to be OK with it as long as she had someone to snuggle with.
I have to include this picture because Fritz's fall is just too funny. He caught himself pretty quickly and got right back up - tough cookie! William was quite a bit more cautious and spent most of the time holding onto the sides and moving a few inches here and there. I'm just proud of him for trying something new and slightly scary. This adventure definitely got us all in the Christmas mood!

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