January 11, 2017


It feels silly to blog about Christmas now that we're well into January 2017 but I'mma do it anyway! We had David's family here for Christmas and it was almost a white one! There were a couple of days that we had a little bit of snow, which was very fun for the kids. We did our traditions of Mexican food on Christmas Eve, cinnamon rolls for the neighbors, √¶bleskiver + buttermilk syrup on Christmas morning and a new tradition of Prime Rib on Christmas Day. Basically, LOTS of good food! I also got to decorate the table with some fresh holly for our bushes in our yard. It felt very festive!
I also found this one later of William that was taken as I was trying to get the tripod set up. This boy at 7-years-old is pretty fun.
After dinner, we gave the kids their Christmas Eve presents of pajamas. As you can see, the level of excitement (or lack thereof) goes by age. At least Louisa liked her new nightgown - which is adorable and flannel and I want one.
I did not get any great pictures of Christmas morning because a) it was really dark and I am no skilled photographer b) the kids all woke up at different times c) I was tired and emotionally kind of done, so sorry kids - this is what you get! They had a great Christmas though. The ages of our kids this year are really fun for Christmas magic. I feel like they're right at the height of excitement!

William was just really happy to get some Minecraft Legos, Fritz loved a spy gear camera that Santa brought and Louisa has been playing with her new kitchen all day, every day. I'd say it was a successful Christmas!

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