September 6, 2016

whidbey island

Seattle has jumped feet first into fall, but we had one random nice day this weekend so we decided to go to Whidbey Island. Taking a ferry somewhere, anywhere, is always a joy for our kids so we could've just done that and they would've been happy. I secretly also love taking the ferry. It still feels special and new to me. 

We drove to Double Bluff Beach and it was really fun. I don't know that I would necessarily want to go there to swim or "beach" but it was a fun place to explore. Lots of driftwood forts for the kids, rocks to throw, shells to collect and it was a no-leash area so there were lots of nice dogs for the kids to play with. Lulu was delightfully happy. Throwing sand and rocks is her jam.
I love these little nuggets. They don't always get along but they mostly do and it makes me happy. I love seeing their individual personalities develop and the ways that they're developing their own relationships with each other. It feels special to be a part of.
the nicest dog who wanted to play fetch with Fritz.
We came pretty unprepared though. By the end of the beach time, they were all pretty well covered in sand but with a little bit of baby wipes and some creativity of random items in the car, we made it work. Parenting win. I also found my dream house (again). I have a real thing for gambrel + sloped roofs and weather vanes. It's just too charming. Dutch Colonial always gives me butterflies. I also love the slate blue siding. It looked almost black and, paired with the white trim, it was perfect.
Then we drove to Fort Casey to see the cannons from WWI/WWII. It was a fun place to explore. Lots of hidden spots and things to climb.
I love their love.
We also headed down to the beach from the fort and sat on the rocks and watched the sea lions come in to the shore to look for food and lay in the sun. We were alone on the beach and it felt really cool to be there with the sea lions just frockling in the water. Then, it was time to head home and we were hungry! I found a place with great reviews so we stopped there for sandwiches to take with us on the ferry. You guys - if you ever go to Whidbey Island, stop at Pickles Deli. I am really picky about my deli meat, bread and toppings (I sound really high maintenance) so I was really pleased when I found out they used Boar's Head and make their own amazing pickles and have fresh, delicious bread. Also, if you like Reubens, get one.

It was a great way to finish off summer.


  1. I spent a summer with my aunt who lives in Everett as a kid. I remember going to Whidbey Island and riding the ferry!! I dream of moving to the Pacific NW someday, but for now I'm living vicariously through you.

  2. I read this article and it made me think of your blog. It's how Seattleites love the return of the rainy season....

    Looks like a lovely place to live! :)


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