September 26, 2016

guemes island

We spent a beautiful, relaxing weekend at Guemes Island at our friends' cabin. It was so generous of them to invite us and we had a great time! Guemes is pretty perfect. An hour and a half drive from our house, a five minute ferry ride from Anacortes and a tiny island with the population of 600 people - mostly vacationers. There's one small market that has a restaurant, live music in the summers and sells the essentials as well as scoops of Lopez Island ice cream. It's quaint and perfect.
The cabin itself was set right on the water with steps down the hill to the beach. You could ever-so faintly hear the buoy bells on the ocean while it was otherwise incredibly peaceful and quiet. The air was crisp and fresh as we sat on the porch swing / adirondack chairs and watched the kids play. The cabin was filled with fun toys for the kids so we had lots of quiet time for ourselves. A dream in itself. We drove around the island (which took about 20 minutes) and I had Zillow pulled up the whole time, dreaming of buying a place there. Someday!
We had a great time eating good food, talking, relaxing, listening to Red House Painters (hello, flashback to college!) and staying up late, after the kids were all asleep, playing Mao (a complicated card game that got more complicated and more intense as the night progressed!). Thanks to the Morgan's for a great weekend!


  1. It looks beautiful and peaceful.

    Great pics of you and David. :)

  2. My friends used to have a cabin there (looks like the other side of the island from where you stayed) and that is literally my favorite place to visit in the world. I want to live there too - I love everything about it. Every night we would drive around the island at dusk and count deer (because we're kind of dorky that way.) Just seeing the name "Guemes" in your title made me SO happy and wistful...sigh...

  3. Your posts make me want to move to Seattle!


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