May 9, 2016

spring explosion

Prepare your eyes for an explosion of green! Spring in the PNW never ceases to amaze me. It is unbelievably beautiful and delightful. The weather has been gorgeous and we've been able to spend a lot of time outdoors. We've had our fair share of rain too but I honestly don't mind it and I know that the rain is what makes everything so green and beautiful here, so I appreciate it.
I love our backyard. We feel so lucky to have a lot that is protected by city water / utility lines + a city trail so no one can build on either side of us. It makes our 1/2 acre lot feel like 2 acres. We still have so much work to do on our yard but it's pretty dreamy when I see the kids running around in their forts and making up games outside with their BFF next-door neighbors.
We've also been eating outside as often as possible. The other night I made a big cold plate and took it outside and David and I sat on picnic chairs and watched the kids play while we ate and watched the sun set.
I also love the endless parks that Seattle has to offer. Every park is awesome! When we lived in San Diego, I feel like we beach hopped because there were so many great beaches to go to within a short distance. That was dreamy too and I feel so glad that we can "park hop" to all these fantastic parks and some of them are beach parks too.
Our lilac bush has exploded with purple blooms that make our whole yard smell fantastic. I cut a few stems and put them in some vases and I'm amazed at how fragrant they are! Way better than any air freshener!
We've also been doing a lot of after-dinner walks on different trails, which is always a hit with the boys because they can throw rocks in the river and race.
I know that the Pacific Northwest isn't for everyone but here's my opinion. We have all the benefits of four seasons without the frigid temperatures or the constant snow / ice in the winter. To me, it is heaven and I'm so grateful to live here.


  1. I can't believe how big Lil Lu looks there!! So cute.


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