May 10, 2016

mini me

Maybe this is only funny if you know Lulu in real life but I'm going to post it anyway. I was looking at some pictures of me when I was Louisa's age the other day and was cracking up at how she is my TOTAL mini-me. The face that I'm making in the mirror reflection in the bottom picture is especially her kind of expression. It's so funny to me how our kids really do pick up on things like expressions and personality traits.
This girl kills us. David and I are always looking at each other with the goofiest grins and saying, "OMG, I love her." She's so funny and adorable and we want to devour her all the time! Never grow up, little bunny!


  1. She is so adorable! Enjoy her at this sweet age. It goes by way too fast. I'm already looking back on old photos of Avery, and she's not 5 yet. I miss the toddler years.

  2. Just gorgeous! Love you holding on to that wee kitten! I think you and your cutie Lulu are very different but she's very like your gorgeous Fritzy. I too have two boys and a girl - Boy 5 1/2, boy 3 1/2 and girl 18months a little younger than yours so love to check in with your blog and see how crazy your week has been! Totally think you are fabulous, doing an awesome job, can't imagine how you find time to glam up dinner and spend so much time in the kitchen, renovate your house, do a "real" job, do your dream interior design job and be a mum, and find time to write a cool blog. Busy people get things done! Keep up the great work! Nxxxx

    1. Thank you so much for that comment. I needed to hear it! Xoxo


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