February 19, 2016

growing up: lou at 20 months

I wanted to do a little update on Miss Lou. She's 20 months (gah!) and as cute as ever. We're a little obsessed with her. She delights us to no end. She's fun and feisty and smart and silly and an all-around joy. I don't know what we would do without her in our family. Here's what she loves more than anything right now:
- her baby doll that we named Katie. She loves to push her around the house in her stroller and you better not try to steal it (Fritz) or put it away in the closet (Mom) or she will screech like you've cut her deep!

- favorite books: Piggies, Ten Little Babies and Dog (the Bryants love all the dogs)

- licking the middle out of Oreo Thins (can you blame her? Not me.)

- she is talking up a storm now! She's at that magical age where her vocabulary has tripled this month. I can't list all of her words but she is starting to string words together, like "wet diaper", "me drink", "mama kiss". She has a delightfully raspy voice that is so cute!

- attention. She loves it. She craves it... and once she gets it, she'll either perform something adorable for you (like a somersault or the cutest smile) or she'll get terribly embarrassed, throw herself on the ground in a fit and hide until you stop looking at her. Either way, we laugh and want to squeeze her until her eyes pop out.

Oh Lou, you cutie-poo. We love you forever and ever and ever.


  1. Not sure if my last comment went through. Just wanted to make sure you were okay.


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