October 4, 2015

scenic jogging

I've been lately jogging along the Sammamish River Trail with Louisa and never tire of the beauty here. I always want to pull out my phone and take a picture around every bend. It is so picturesque and I love the miles and miles of clean, lush jogging + biking trails here. I never thought I'd be a runner (and I'm NOT, yet) but there's something pretty fantastic about jogging in such a gorgeous place. I get to listen to my podcasts in peace (well, except for the occasional demanding squawk from the stroller seat) and it feels really good. I am slow as molasses but I really do enjoy it. Now, to save up for and find the perfect jogging stroller! I've had so many strollers over the years and hate to invest in another, but mine isn't cutting it.
Funny Louisa loves to wear my sunglasses. She screeched every time they would fall off her tiny nose. She's a big fan of sunglasses and shoes, that one! I love my funny bunny Loulou.


  1. Not sure if you've had a chance to check out some kids consignment stores in the area, but most have jogging strollers - since it is really hard to find "The One"!. Saturday's Child in Bothell, Majesty and Tree House in Redmond, Hopscotch in Bellevue, and Small Threads in Issaquah are all worth a look.

  2. Those trails are amazing! I finally took the plunge and invested in a B.O.B jogging stroller and I absolutely love it! I got the double so when I have both my little kids home I can use it and I can literally push it with one finger and it goes. Another thing I really like about it is if I only have one kid with me it still runs straight even though the weight distribution is so different. The only negative is it is quite bulky, but other than that I seriously do love it, and I noticed if you keep them in good condition re-sale is pretty great on them as well.


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