October 6, 2015

house tour: front door

The whole exterior of our house needs some serious TLC. Every time I drove onto our driveway, I felt like there was something I could be doing with almost no money to make it look better until we save up the funds to do all the big things that we have planned (I'll right a big post about my plans for the front).

When we bought the house the front door was cream, with white painted (peeling off) trim. It looked really tacky. I don't think it's been painted or touched up in 30+ years. The siding is this really ugly 70's yellow and the trim is brown (more pictures in this post). I don't get the whole yellow and brown thing of the 70's. It seems like it was a HUGE trend and it just reminds me of certain bodily fluids... Needless to say, there was a lot about the exterior of the house that was bumming me out big time.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to surprise David by spray painting the front door before he got home from work. I already had some blue spray paint so I spent about 15 minutes taping off the door casement and the hardware on the door, thinking that would be sufficient for over spray. Side note: sometimes I do stupid stuff like this. Learn from Lizzy, kids.
Anyway, mid-way through the spray painting, I ran out of paint AND it started dripping. Awesome. I was left with this beautiful mess. Lesson learned, don't spray paint when the item is vertical. I was so annoyed with the whole fiasco that I left it like this for a couple of months. It was pretty embarrassing. Then, this weekend I finally decided I'd had enough. I spent forever sanding down this stupid door that we're going to end up replacing and, this time, I had David remove it and set it up on a sawhorse in the yard. This time, I found a blue that wasn't so bright and did better strokes (but it still looks splotchy). I don't even care at this point. It looks WAY better than before so high five! I'm excited for the future plans we are mulling over around here and I'll share those later.


  1. Looks good. What's the brown & glass next to it (left)? A window?

  2. Such a beautiful blue. And you have no idea how much i can relate to everything you wrote in that post! I don´t like the exterior or our house but i have a feeling it will take another year or two until we can do something about it...Keep up the creative work! ;-)


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