October 28, 2015

losing his first tooth

Will has had a loose tooth for a few weeks now and he was a little concerned about it coming out. We talked to him about it often but it was taking a long time to come loose so we kind of forgot about it for a week or so. I offered to pull it out for him but the idea of that really freaked him out so we just let it go, knowing that eventually it would come out on its own. Then on Sunday morning, during breakfast, it just popped out! Will was SO excited and relieved! I could tell he was happy to have it out and not have to worry about when it might happen (he was scared he would swallow it in his sleep) or if it might hurt.
He was really excited to put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy and I had to start thinking about who this tooth fairy was going to be. Until this happened, I wasn't too sure how I felt about it. I mean, what is this? It seems weird. But then I decided, hey, it doesn't have to be big or elaborate and it's the magic of childhood, right? I don't know. Anyway, I went to the bank and traded a dollar bill for one of the gold $1 coins and put it under his pillow with a note from the tooth fairy, reminding him to brush and floss! He was so excited when he woke up the next morning and found it. It made it fun and worth it. Will is such a sweet boy and is growing up so fast! He turns six next week and I can't believe it! I'm already feeling weepy about it.


  1. I like the $1 gold coin idea. A good idea would to keep a stash of them though. It never fails that a tooth pops out at bedtime and you can't scrape up even a quarter for the tooth fairy to leave. : )

  2. First child....first lost tooth...makes for lots of excitment. Thank you for letting us "grandparents" in on this big growing up event!


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