September 17, 2015

fritz goes to preschool

Today was Fritz's first day of preschool. Wahoo! He has been asking every day if it was his turn to go to school and this morning when I told him it was time, he hugged me fiercely and jumped up and down and made crazy faces. He's an enthusiastic kid, to say the least. I love him.
I got him and William dressed for school and then headed out front to take some pictures. Fritz makes epic faces whenever I pull out the camera. They're not always the most attractive or perfectly posed, but I love how much these show his uniquely hilarious personality. He is always trying to make someone laugh, and usually succeeds. Life would be very dull without him. He is friendly, happy and fiercely fun.
He had a great day at school! Right before we left to drop him off, I remembered that he was supposed to bring a tote bag (can you say "middle child"?). Luckily, I remembered that I had bought a bunch of plain canvas bags to decorate for library bags for the kids. I stamped his name on it and voila! See? Sometimes hoarding crafty supplies can come in handy!
It was a little weird with both of the big boys "at school", even though Fritz's class is only two hours and William is in half-day Kindergarten. It was fun to have some special time with Loulou though. She's my little baby doll.


  1. ..."he hugged me fiercely and jumped up and down and made crazy faces." How cute!! Love all of his many expressions. HA!

  2. Those kids!!!! I need to come visit. :)


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