June 24, 2015

Olympic Peninsula: Day Three

We drove to the coast on Friday afternoon and stayed at Kalaloch Lodge, another great find by my sister-in-law. My in-laws rented a couple of cabins and they were charming and right on the beach. It was beautiful! The whole beach was covered in this amazing driftwood and we all had a great time walking along the soft sand while the boys climbed over the driftwood and played pirates. William could be heard saying, "Ahoy there, me hearties!" all weekend. It was pretty cute. There were tons of Dungeness crabs and it was fun to watch them scuttle around. We were hoping to see some whales but no dice.
That night, we had a fire and slept to the sound of ocean waves. Man, is there anything better? The next morning, after breakfast at the lodge, we went to the tide pools. It was really cool to see star fish, sea anemones, sea cucumbers and hermit crabs all over the place. This beach had a colony of puffins (!) and we saw a few on a rock.
Then we drove home and hit up Pike Place Market in the morning for breakfast, which is always a good time. The boys have been loving all this time with Gramma and Grampa Bryant! Thanks to my in-laws for a wonderful trip to a gorgeous place! Lots of great memories were made!

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