June 25, 2015

louisa turns one

My sweet Louisa baby is one year old! Just one year ago, I was giving birth to her. How did this happen, you guys? It has gone by too fast. I don't know if I can adequately describe the joy that this peanut brings to our family. She is adored by all of us. We are just so enamored with her charm. The boys delight in every milestone and love to smother her with affection. I hope they'll always be such loving big brothers to her. She is the apple of David's eye too, and she knows it. She has mastered flirting with him when he walks in the door and gives him this kind of shy grin. It's a heart melter!
Here's what Louisa Ada up to at one year old:

GROWTH: she's on the small side (I'm estimating around 18 pounds) but I think she's recently grown quite a bit. She's pretty long though and fits into most 9-12 month clothes, though I can still fit her in some 6 month stuff if they're meant to be short.

WORDS: Dada, Mama, neigh, uh-oh

TRICKS: claps, waves "bye", open-mouth kisses, walks assisted, almost stands unassisted and crawls really fast when she is excited.

FAVORITE FOODS: breast milk, pizza crust, frozen peas, scrambled eggs


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