May 6, 2015

life lately

A few pictures from my iPhone. I know I often double post these on Instagram and here but many of these are too good not to put in my blog book. At dinner the other night, Fritzy was standing on his chair and slipped and whacked his head on the corner of his table on the way down. There was lots of wailing and crying and within seconds, he had a pretty nasty goose egg. He was totally fine after a few minutes but he sure loved to milk the attention every time we brought it up. I wanted to get a picture of him after his bath and he pulled this "very sad face". This kid...
Louisa is doing this super cute thing lately whenever I hold her on the sofa. She loves to stand up next to me on her tippy toes and perch there while she observes everything. Baby toes are so munchable!
Last week, my sister-in-law's sister (and my friend), Caitlin, gave me the best massage ever! She is seriously amazing. I wish I could have one of her massages every week. It was definitely the most healing massage I've ever had. I didn't want it to ever end. I've had awful neck pain for the last 10+ years and had just become used to it. Every time I've had a massage, I always tell them that my neck is the worst of my pain but I've never been able to stand any touch along my neck. Caitlin noticed that and pulled out her cups. I had heard of these before, but they sounded so "out there". Well, I have a true love for them now. I am actually buying this set to use at home. They left these bruises (that look like crazy hickeys) for about three days but no big deal. Have you ever tried this?
A picture before church on Sunday. We were literally running out the door to make it in time for a meeting and snapped this picture on my iPhone timer. Then we rushed to get all the kids in the car and when we tried to start the ignition - dead. Yep, the kids had left the lights on allllll night... again. This has happened five times in the last two months. Ugh. And, it happened to us again after church too. Haha! I love that all the kids are making funny faces in this picture though and it wasn't even planned!
Louisa is now big enough to ride in the Costco cart! She was thrilled! It looks like she's crying but that's actually her "screeching with joy" face. William sat next to her and entertained her the whole time. She was in heaven, and so was I, because I had at least two happy kids on a trip to Costco!


  1. Oh, poor Fritz! Believe me - I understand. I have a 5-year-old maniac who is constantly covered in bruises head to toe from "playing." I've come to terms with the fact that boys are just crazy! Have you noticed a big difference in the temperaments of your girl vs. boys?

    "The Busy Brunette"

  2. I'd love a follow up on how the cups have helped your neck! I've got chronic neck pain too and would love to find permanent treatment, not just symptomatic.


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