May 4, 2015

date night with my guy

David and I finally went on a date night on Saturday night! It was so wonderful to be out with my handsome guy sans the kids. It's been really hard to find a babysitter and feel comfortable leaving Louisa but we finally did it! It was so nice to hold hands and laugh and eat good food. We double dated with my brother and sister-in-law and it was really fun. After dinner in downtown Bellevue, we walked through the park and it was romantic. Just what we needed. Date night FTW!
Our new area and ward (church congregation) is so great. We've had lots of dinner invitations, parties and other activities and it is so great to socialize again. Now that we've finally settled down a little into our new area and home, I feel so much more able to make friends. It also helps that our new area has a lot of young families close our ages. During the worst time of my postpartum depression, I was really antisocial. It was super unlike me because I am not a home body. I feel much more like "me" again!

Also, thank you all for your supportive and thoughtful comments on my last post. I really appreciate the love. Sharing something so sensitive and personal like that, even on something as personal as this blog, was really hard. This is why I love blogging. I learn so much from other bloggers and I gain so much from sharing my experiences with you all, as well. Thanks again!


  1. So glad you had a date night! Parents DEFINITELY need those once in a while to "recharge" and have adult conversations.
    Have a great week!
    "The Busy Brunette"

  2. So happy to hear you're feeling like yourself again!

    The Lady Lawyer

  3. Glad you are feeling better. Adorable photo of you two.


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