April 1, 2015

fritzy is three!

Oh, Fritzy boy! It's this character's birthday today! He is

T (ouseled)
H (appy)
R (avenous)
E (ntertaining)
E (atable)
I just love this little squishy. He is such a crazy, delightful little man. Fritz is the comic relief in our family. You can always count on him saying something hilarious to keep the mood light. He loves to make people laugh. He is tough, but loves hard. He does not enjoy snuggling (unless he's tired and he has his thumb to keep him company) but when he does, oh boy - watch out! - cause mama can't resist those ripe cheeks!

One of my favorite stories about Fritzy as of late, happened a few weeks ago. He was over-tired from not taking a nap that day and I yawned while Fritz was standing in front of me. He carefully looked in my mouth while it was agape and then said, very concerned, "What's in your mouf?". I tried explaining that it was a silver filling on my tooth but he just cried and cried because he thought I had eaten something he didn't get to have (maybe I hide food from my kids). Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

Some other things about this kid:
- he still sucks his thumb, but is doing it less. Just at bed time or when he's sleepy. I still secretly love it.
- he loves to tease. I'd say his favorite hobby, when he's bored, is to pick on William. That's not always the case when they fight, but he often instigates a little spat (and is always surprised when William retaliates.)
- he has the cutest little voice ever! I love to hear him talk. He says the most hilarious things and we all just laugh and laugh at his jokes and thoughts.
- he loves to twirl the top of his hair and often gets it into a swirly knot. If I am nearby, he will twirl the hair at the nape of my neck instead. I love it... except when I brush my hair.
- he still naps almost every day, sometimes for 3+ hours.
- his favorite food is chocolate.
- he really, truly loves Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. I want to take him to Disneyland so bad! He would flip to see them in real life.
- he is a brick. It's not like he's particularly chubby (except for some of his baby-ness that remains) but he just is so heavy. People always comment on how his looks are deceiving when they pick him up. He doesn't look all that heavy but he's solid!
- he is never NOT hungry. I hear him say "Mommy, I grumpy (hungry)" probably 20 times a day.
- no matter how many times I wash his face a day, it's always messy (explanation is likely above).
- he is very social by nature but sometimes I think he tries to be shy because William is shy. He's very talkative and outgoing but gets a little shy of strangers at times but he always warms up pretty quickly.
Happy Birthday Fritzy boy. Life wouldn't be complete without you!


  1. I miss fritz!! Happy birthday fritzy

    1. He misses you too! Every once in a while I ask him if he remembers you and Ben and he says, "We go swimming?" :)

  2. Happy happy birthday beautiful boy!!! I can't wait to snuggle you! 😍

  3. Happy Birthday Fritzy!!!

    Your kids are adorable.

  4. My son twirled his hair when little or anyone sitting next to him, he is now 23 and still twirls his hair but has stopped twirling the person next to him!:))))

  5. Fritzy is so beautiful and cute


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