March 31, 2015

the bryant kids

These kids. They keep me going. I just love them. William is my only snuggler. I'm so glad that I have him. He loves to come lay by me and tell stories and hold my hand. He loves when I whisper "I'm so glad I'm your mommy" in his ear at bed time. He loves love, that one.
I finally joined a gym! Hallelujah! Luckily, my kids took to the child care area really quickly and love it. It's a win-win for everyone. I get an hour or so sans kids and get to exercise (I'm needing those endorphins more and more every day), and they get to play and have a good time outside of the house for a little while each day. I'm still trying to find that sweet spot between the morning routine of breakfast/getting dressed/out the door and Louisa's morning nap so I often find her fast asleep in the swing by the time my work out is done. The other morning I found her like this - just snoozing away with a train in her hands.
And then there's this little nudist. By lunch time on any given day, Fritz has taken off at least one article of clothing and remains that way until bed time. I'm not sure why he has all the sudden taken to stripping down, but I'm betting it has something to do with potty training... I'm just happy he's still napping almost every day. He keeps me on my toes.
Like, the other morning when I was in Louisa's bedroom (please ignore the black mill work and black doors that we are working on replacing) and I heard knocking outside the door. There sat Fritz, scraping the bottom of the ice cream carton. He said, in a very sticky voice, "Mommy, I ate the ice cream all gone!" Like I was supposed to be proud of him or something. Welp, I can't say I don't get it cause I do. Who doesn't want ice cream for breakfast?! Nobody, that's who. He knows where it's at.

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  1. Your kids are so beautiful.William has his eyes!! :) :)


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