April 3, 2015

fritzy the birthday boy

Fritz's birthday was a success. It was very low-key and just right. I'm learning to let go and lower my expectations for my life right now. The two things that Fritz wanted for his birthday was balloons and chocolate cake, so that's what he got! Nope, there weren't any cute favors or decorations but there are paint samples up on our primed walls! Oh yeah! Ha! Anyway, kids don't care and my threenager is happy and that's all that matters.

The day started out with David going in to work a little late and taking the boys to get birthday doughnuts. Fritz was so happy! He double fisted them and made funny faces, as he does. P.S. Don't ask me what he is wearing. I'm pretty sure he dressed himself, but I wouldn't know cause I was snoozing.
Then, we had cousins over for hot dogs... cause that's what Fritz likes. And the day was about giving this cutie things he likes. He also loves his cousins, Beck, Margot and Colette so he was thrilled to have them at our house!
Gotta love the mustard face! He loved the singing and the attention! And he loved the gifts from the family.
When he went to bed that night, I asked him if he was happy and if he had a good birthday. With a big smile and a enthusiastic nod, I think it's safe to say he did. Happy Birthday to our Fritzy boy! We love you!


  1. I love him!!! Sounds like the perfect birthday for Fritzeepooh! 💙

  2. Fritz had the best kind of Birthday....simple, so everyone could really enjoy it. Oh how we would love to have been there! Tell him grandpa and grandmary love him!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Fritz!!

    PS ~ I like the color on the left. ;)

  4. I absolutely love these photos of Fritz because there is so much joy in his little face! His smile definitely brightened my Monday morning. And, the mustard stain on his face--the perfect touch! It's a good reminder that there is perfection in the perceived "imperfections" of life. What might seem chaotic or imperfect to us, is often perfect to those around us, especially to our little ones. Love you!


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