February 2, 2015

are you ready for some... disappointment

I had planned on blogging about our Super Bowl "party" with Stephen and Leone + co. but after that very sad loss for the Seahawks last night, I'm feeling pretty bummed. We were SO close! I was especially disappointed in the lack of sportsmanship in the last few minutes... such an embarrassment. It's been really fun to see the excitement of this city since the playoff game last month. It really seemed to bring everyone together, which has been really nice since I think most Seattleites tend to hibernate in the winter. I did make our traditional football food of 7-Layer Dip and we also had fish tacos and lots of treats. Soooo much food but it was all delicious!
On Saturday night, Leone and I went to see The Imitation Game (amazing!) together and as we were walking out of the theater we heard shouting. There was a large crowd, and quite a few people were exiting a nearby bar, so it was pretty crowded. I always get a little nervous in places with a lot of people and noise. I'm always afraid of getting caught up in a riot. Anyway, we got on the busy escalator and realized that people on the upper level were shouting to the people on the lower level. "Sea!" - "Hawks!" - "Sea!" - "Hawks!" The excitement was really contagious. 

I told Leone that I had never seen such loyalty and excitement about a sports team before. Everywhere I went, people would say "Go Hawks!". E-mails and phone calls were ended with "Go Hawks!". It's been really fun to be a part of this football fever, especially as someone who generally doesn't enjoy the sport. 

Anyway, the game was still fun to watch, even if we did lose. I'm finally starting to understand the sport a little more, which definitely makes it more enjoyable. The other highlight of the night was watching William, Beck and Fritz play football together. Sometimes they were the Long Horns, sometimes the Colts, but "the Seahawks are the best!". They found a football and kept running it back and forth behind us and making cute 5-year-old plays - basic spinning around and yelling "you get 35 million points!" :) It is really fun watching these cousins grow up together! Maybe next year, Hawks!

P.S. Did anyone else feel like Idina Menzel's National Anthem performance fell a little flat (pun intended)? I told Leone that I felt like the National Anthem performances, in general, are pretty disappointing. Then she pulled up this version by Faith Hill and this one by the queen, Whitney Houston, and I am happy to say that I was wrong. Wow!

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  1. #gopats (I have to say that since I live in New England/Boston/Lexington to be exact)!!


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