January 12, 2015

work to play

On Saturday night, we went to David's company party. When we heard that their holiday party was on January 10th, we were like, "what the what?" but then we decided it was kinda great because we didn't have to deal with getting a baby-sitter or missing out on other holiday events during the Christmas party season.
The party was in downtown Seattle, right next to the football stadium and... well, if you follow football (unlike me) then you might have heard about a playoff game for the Seattle Seahawks that night. People love their Seahawks up here, and even more so after they won the Super Bowl last year, so they ended up projecting the game into the party and it was pretty loud. We had my brother and sister-in-law watch the boys for us, but I didn't dare leave Louisa since she doesn't take a bottle very well and we didn't know what traffic would be like. She was very good considering the circumstances of it being her bed time and all the noise, but we didn't end up staying for very long. We really like David's new company. The people are great and it was a fun time. They had this photo booth so we took some pictures with Louisa. They didn't turn out great and she looks pretty ticked in most of them, but I forgot how fun it is to have a printed picture! I need to do that more often!


  1. How awesome to have a company party outside of the Holiday Season. Pictures are adorable and that Louisa...she is the cutest!

  2. Lou's face is priceless. Love you guys!


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