January 13, 2015

baby simon

My baby brother, Marcus, and his wife, Ashley, had their first baby last week and he is perfect. It's so fun watching my brother become a dad. Minutes after baby Simon Atlas was born, I texted Marcus and I could just tell how overwhelmed he was. Marcus has always been that person in my family who the kids would always gravitate towards. He is kind-hearted and sensitive, dedicated and strong. I have no doubt he'll be a wonderful father. Together, with his beautiful, talented, smart, strong wife, my newest nephew will be raised with wonderful parents. I'm so happy for them! And could you just die at this little peanut? I can't wait to meet him soon!
I stole these adorable pictures from their Instagram accounts (and you should follow @ashleyanielson for gorgeous style inspiration).

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  1. Such a beautiful newborn. All these cute babies are making me want babies!


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