January 1, 2015

new year's 2014

I've never really been that big on celebrating New Year's (except that one year). Probably because I often fail at sticking to my resolutions, I don't drink alcohol and I hate staying up late. Ha! Do I sound like an old stick in the mud or what? The things I do enjoy about New Year's is spending time with people I love, good food and kissing at the stroke of midnight so that's what we did!
We headed over to my brother and sister-in-law's house in our pajamas, ate delicious barbacoa tacos and ice cream and let the kids play with their cousins while the adults played Telestrations in the other room. That game is fun! We decided to do "midnight" at 9:00 PM instead of trying to stay up until the clock struck 12, and it's a good thing because the kids were all looking pretty glassy-eyed by then!
Have you had the Sparkling White Chardonnay Grape Juice from Trader Joe's? I could drink a whole bottle - way better than sparkling cider. It's my favorite. And so is this handsome guy, holding some before I smooched his face. Happy New Year!


  1. We played Telestrations at the Castillos' party! That is a fun game.

  2. Happy, Blessed New Year to you and your lovely family!!!
    With love from The Netherlands,


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