December 29, 2014

in search of snow

Even though we had that super fun couple of days after Thanksgiving with snow here in Seattle, that doesn't happen very often. The little snow we did get at our house wasn't enough to make a snowman so the boys were just itching to make a real one! The day after Christmas, we drove up to Snoqualmie Pass in search of snow. It's so nice to only live a little over an hour away from a ski resort! I feel like we have the best of both worlds where we live, but I know that a lot of people (namely some of my siblings in Arizona) disagree and feel like anything under 60 degrees is too cold. Ha! It was a beautiful day. Not very cold and sunny with clear, blue skies. We brought hot chocolate in a thermos and listened to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack in the car. It was a lovely day.
Fritz couldn't stop throwing snow at everyone... including strangers. It's super cute to me, but I'm sure other people don't find it as adorable. He wasn't doing it to be naughty - he just genuinely thinks that everyone is ready for a snowball fight! Ha!

The snow on the ground was kind of icy so it wasn't the best snowman snow, however, I did notice that the snow on the tables at the resort were untouched and were the perfect powder, so we made a little Bryant snow family on the table.
And sweet little snow bunny, Loulou, was adorable as can be. Her little face peeking out of her too-big snow suit had me melting in the snow!

David held her most of the time and there is something so adorable about those two. I couldn't capture it in these pictures, but she is obsessed with her papa. He is by far her most favorite person and it gives me butterflies when I see the way their eyes light up when they are together.
The snow capped trees were stunning and I just kept taking these deep breaths of that cold air and it felt SO good. It felt like I was drinking something really fresh and healthy. Does that sound weird? There's something about trees that just feels like we are meant to be live among them.

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  1. So fun to have a peek into your fun Christmas and family fun! Happy New Year!


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