January 20, 2015

louisa: six months grown

Even though Louisa is technically almost seven months now, I wanted to do a little update on her at six months. She is such a joy in our family! David and I have been blessed with really sweet babies so far, but there is something different about this little girl. The only way I can describe her is angelic. She has this little soul inside her that I can just tell is kind and good. Ooooo! I just love her!!!! Mom shivers all around!
At her six month well check, she only weighed 15 pounds 1 ounce. She is a peanut! She's 26.5 inches long, though, which is really typical for our kids - long and lanky - but she's definitely my smallest baby. She is just as active as Fritz was at his age. Always moving! She loves to scoot and stand up (with my help) and just bounce forever. She is getting more of her "chicky fur" on the top of her head and it is definitely brown and stick-straight! She looks so much like Fritz, but she also looks a lot like my baby pictures. I'd say she has mostly Nielson genes, but my kids are so lucky to have David's adorable twinkly smile. I love it!

She loves her brothers, especially William (who got the first real chuckle out of her - just like with Fritz), and they love her back. I am so excited to see them all play together. I loved having brothers to play with (but I also really hope she has a sister someday to do "girl stuff" with)! We love our Lovey Loo!

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  1. She really does look tall in this picture! – and chicky fur is my fave! Such a cutie!!!


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