January 21, 2015

life lately: according to my iPhone

A few photos of our life lately as a little catch-up. Most of these are of Louisa because I can't stop! I am just a little obsessed with her. Be prepared for some adorableness below. Life with three kids is pretty crazy sometimes but I feel so grateful to have three healthy children, that I love so dearly, call me Mama.
These two - they sure love each other! It is heart melting to watch!
We loved watching the Seahawks game the other day - such a great game (and that's saying a lot coming from someone who does NOT enjoy football). We're pretty excited that they are going to the Super Bowl again this year. The entire city is bursting with excitement! It's really contagious! "FritzWilliam" (that's what I've been calling these two lately), have been loving some nice winter weather to play football outside. And by "play football", I mean William runs around with the football and Fritz chases him.
This is my new favorite picture. This is a REAL Louisa smile. Isn't she just the sweetest thing?
The weather has been amazing! Sure, we've had some cold spells and plenty of gray days, but we've also had several sunny and somewhat warm days. Plus, since it doesn't get super cold here in the PNW, it stays lush and green all year. One of my top most important things for me about loving where I live is the beauty of the place. I can handle the weather pretty well (but I'd still rather be cold than hot) but as long as it's beautiful, I'm a happy camper. The other day it was sunny and 55 degrees (!) so we went to the park. It was lovely. I love appreciating the sun.
We had my brother's family over for dinner on Sunday and I made a little snack platter while Leone and I made dinner (really, mostly her). I love lining things into rows. Also, have you had the Unexpected Cheddar atop the Raisin Rosemary crackers from Trader Joe's? Delightful.
And... another one of cutie Louisa for good measure! :)


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