December 8, 2014

life lately

I finally upgraded to the new iPhone 6 and it's just like getting a new camera! I'm so excited to have a better way to docment life lately because, even though I love my nicer SLR camera, I hardly ever pull it out because my iPhone is so much easier. I'm loving it! I upgraded from the iPhone 4s so it's a big change and now I don't have to restart my phone every hour of the day to get it to work. Yay!
This girl and her faces. She is five months and she is so sweet. We all love her so much! She is cheerful and cute and squishy and we all coo over her. You guys told me... but I didn't believe it - having a girl is SO fun!
And so are these boys... unless I'm cutting their hair. I gave them haircuts the other day and if you had been standing at our front door, you would've thought I was using some sort of torture device on them. Good grief! William isn't so bad but Fritz HATES it and I ended cutting the heck out of my finger. Maybe I'll just let them look like ragamuffins next time...
We put up our tree on Tuesday night. It was one of our advent activities and it just so happened that Fritz fell asleep on the couch at 5:30 so I carried him off to bed early and Louisa went to bed early as well at 6:00, so it was just William. He was LOVING being my helper as I put the lights on the tree. He was talking up a storm to me and David and kept hugging us. It was sweet seeing how much it meant to him to have this special time with just him and reminded me that I should do that more often.
Sundays aren't so much a day of rest around here, but we do really love to be together as a family. Church itself is always kind of chaotic and David and I always need a nap in the worst way afterward, but we keep plugging along! Anyway, my kids are cute.
Last night, we hunkered down to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional in our jammies and popped popcorn and made hot cocoa. I won't lie and say that it was calm and quiet, but we did enjoy a few minutes of the music and were inspired to remember that "The kindness of others pours healing balm into our wounds." - D. Todd Christofferson
I am having so much fun using chalk markers to draw all over our windows. It's really fun and easy to clean! William even drew a little snowman on the windows and was so proud of himself! Fritz just keeps running his fingers all over them and messing them up, but you have to go with the flow when you have kids, right?!

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