December 3, 2014


I've always loved the tradition of advent calendars but there are so many cute ideas out there and I was never satisfied with one that I could afford so I kept putting it off. Last year, I finally bought one after Christmas on mega-sale. So, this is the first year that I'm actually putting things in my advent calendar! This is a big deal, people!
In an effort to remember the little traditions we're implementing for our family, here is the list of what we're doing this Christmas season. I tried to incorporate some service things along with fun activities at home as well as community/church events. It's going to be a fun Christmas!

DECEMBER 1: Pick out Christmas tree
DECEMBER 2: Decorate Christmas tree
DECEMBER 3: Make snowflake decorations
DECEMBER 4: Make Christmas card for teacher
DECEMBER 5: Watch "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"
DECEMBER 6: Make gingerbread nativity
DECEMBER 7: First Presidency Christmas Devotional
DECEMBER 8: Festival of the Nativities
DECEMBER 9: Watch family movies of past Christmases
DECEMBER 10: Deliver Christmas treats to neighbors
DECEMBER 11: Go Christmas caroling with cousins (+ soup!)
DECEMBER 12: Snowflake Lane in downtown Bellevue
DECEMBER 13: Ward Brunch
DECEMBER 14: Roast marshmallows
DECEMBER 15: Write letter to Santa
DECEMBER 16: Send cards to family
DECEMBER 17: Wrap gifts
DECEMBER 18: Decorate Christmas cookies
DECEMBER 19: Listen to "The Polar Express"
DECEMBER 20: Family service project
DECEMBER 21: Drive around town and look at Christmas lights with hot cocoa
DECEMBER 22: Watch "Small One" and eat peppermint popcorn
DECEMBER 23: Serve dinner to missionaries
DECEMBER 24: Read the Nativity Story + open Christmas jammies
DECEMBER 25: Ebelskievers for breakfast


  1. That's so pretty! We do a similar calendar that I made during a brief crafty moment last year. I've ended up not setting the activity until the night before because it leaves some flexibility (like this year when we had to send our tree back because the wires on the lights were cut.) I also keep a few very quick and easy crafts around so I can swap any day with "Christmas craft" in case things don't go as planned. Christmas baking works for a quick swap too.
    Happy Advent!

  2. Where did you find this advent? It's fabulous!


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