October 29, 2014

house tour: baby girl's nursery

As soon as I found out I was having a girl, I started thinking about how I was going to decorate Louisa's nursery. It was honestly more exciting to me than the clothes and hair bows, but those things were exciting too. :) We were living at my parent's house when we had Louisa so I didn't get to nest by setting up her nursery, but I purchased everything I needed so that I would be ready for when we moved! Ha! When we moved here to Seattle, it was so exciting for me to finally set it all up!
There are a lot of unfinished elements to the room so it feels little empty in a few corners (and the lighting in here STINKS) but I'm not planning on doing any more for now. Even still, it makes me happy to be in such a girly space as I am nursing her several times a day in there. It's like our own little feminine place for us two girls to hang out. :) Having a girl is really fun...


  1. Mama, the colors in this room are amazing! The dresser turned out great, too! Your design skills are top notch, Love!

  2. So pretty, just like baby Louisa!


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