October 6, 2014

conference, salmon + halloween

We dedicated 8 hours (10 for David) of this weekend to watching General Conference at home. It is one of my favorite weekends of the year and this year was as great as ever. Even though my kids were incredibly loud and feisty and disruptive, it was so great to focus on rededicating myself to my faith and listening to wonderful talks that inspire me to become a better person through my Savior. Also, cinnamon rolls... I used this recipe but added pumpkin pie spice in the filling and then made a pumpkin cream cheese frosting using the pumpkin cream cheese spread from Trader Joe's. It was super delicious.
In between the Saturday sessions of conference, we went to downtown Issaquah for Salmon Days. It was a HUGE event and I couldn't believe how jam-packed it was full of people. The fish hatchery was really cool and my boys loved watching the salmon jump through the fish ladders. Of course, the changing leaves and the excitement of all the people was pretty fun too.
I took at least 15 shots of this pose and could NOT peel Fritz's eyes away from the fish!
all the people! and this funny face from the cyclist...
Louisa did this for part of the excursion and I died at her cuteness.
Then, William and I spent a good chunk of Saturday morning decorating the house for Halloween. He was loving it! Holidays with kids is so much fun. I wasn't sure I was going to get to decorating for the holidays because we aren't even technically decorated for "normal" life yet in this house, but I figured it was worth it to see the excitement that William had. Some of you have been asking for pictures of our new house, but this is a sneak peak for now until I can take some "normal" pictures.
William had a cute idea of putting my black ravens on the driftwood sculpture over the TV.
I pulled out some paints and let him go to town on a wood pumpkin mask while I painted this little Happy Halloween painting. He is really into art right now, which is super fun for me. I love to create with him... I just wish we had more space to do it.


  1. Why can't my double chin be as cute as Lou's? Also, how does she look like ALL of you?!?! She's Fritz...no David...no William...no Lizzy. Wait? All y'all!!


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