September 30, 2014

louisa: 3 months

Our sweet baby girl is three months old! It seems like I just had her but also feels like forever ago! It's happened with every child, but I'm surprised every time at how fast it goes. She is the sweetest. I am completely in love with her. She eats well, sleeps well and is generally just a happy soul. My sister made an observation about her that I think is very true. She is a very social baby. The only time she really fusses (other than for hunger, sleep or mess) is because she wants to be in the middle of everything. She has major FOMO (that's "fear of missing out", Mom) and it is adorable to watch her go from fussing to lit up as soon as you put a smiling face in front of her.
I was laughing to myself on Sunday as I was in the Mother's Lounge at church, trying to get her to fall asleep. It was her nap time and she needed a quiet place to snooze but unfortunately, our Mother's Lounge at my church building is pretty small and it was full of other moms (there are five baby girls that were all born within a month of each other in our congregation!) who were nursing their babies as well. Of course, we were all chatting, so it didn't end up being a very quiet place to put her down but as I was bouncing her around the room, I caught sight of her in the mirror over my shoulder. She was upright and stiff and was craning her neck to get a look at everyone in the room. Every time she caught someone's attention, she was instantly glued to them! My girl loves to socialize! Ha! I get it, Lou! Sure love you!

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  1. I love her so much. I love that she's social. I love her curvy lips and fluffy cheeks. I love that you have a girl! Lots of lovin'!!!


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