August 11, 2014

mountain air medicine

We've been spending the weekend up in Pinetop at David's family cabin. It seems so "Twilight Zone" that our families have cabins 15 minutes apart from each other in the White Mountains of Arizona, when David grew up in California, and I, in Arizona and we met in college in Idaho. We have similar summer memories of taking picnics at Paradise Creek, eating popsicles while walking on the golf course at twilight and generally just enjoying kid summer life in the mountains as a reprieve from the hot summer days of where we grew up... Yet, we never met. I've been really hating Arizona and have had a terribly bad attitude about living here and going up to the mountains reminded that this state has some great qualities.
First, we went on a picnic at Paradise Creek in one of the prettiest places in Arizona, in my opinion. The boys and my in-laws all immediately took some wooden boats and went right into the water. Fritz loved throwing rocks and so Louisa and I relaxed by the blankets. As I sat by the rushing water in 75 degrees under the shade of a tree, I took a deep breath and started crying. I hadn't realized how much I missed being able to breathe fresh, cool air into my lungs. It honestly felt like medicine. Granted, some of these tears may have been hormone related, but it was amazing how much it affected me.
he climbed up here and wanted a picture with this "cool stick"
my little Huck Finn
Anyway, I took a million pictures - which is what happens when you have really cute kids and beautiful scenery.
three generations of Bryants
baby Lou says hello
"where'd all the chips go?!"
all wrapped up.
with Aunt Beth, Gromma and Grompa


  1. Looks lovely. Hope you come back all refreshed.

  2. I love that picture of William! He's looking so grown up. So glad you got to get away, Loves. That heat causes all kinds of crazy emotions! for fun.


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