August 4, 2014

louisa is blessed

Yesterday was Louisa's baby blessing at church. Lots of our family came and it was the first time that we've been able to have a lot of this family at one of our kid's blessings. David blessed her to always stand up for the right and hold strong to her "moral compass". I hope she'll always be that strong, too. She's such a sweet baby and has already brought a lot of happiness to our family.
My mother-in-law bought this Feltman Brothers gown years ago and gave it to me when I had Louisa. It is beautiful and I was happy to have it! I didn't get a lot of great pictures of her in it but it is what it is. All the beautiful detailing, lace and embroidery is stunning.
After the blessing, we had the family over for some food. It wasn't a big deal but I can't have a party without a few decorations.
For those interested, here are the links to the recipes: cucumber lemon sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, lemon dill orzo salad, lemon coffee cake (my sister-in-law recommends tripling the lemon in the cake part) and basil lemonade. Luckily, my sisters and in-laws helped make some of the food (like the frittata squares, big bowl of strawberries, coffee cake and mini banana muffins) which was super helpful. They all even cleaned up the whole party afterward while Louisa and I laid down for a nap. Family is the best!
It was a nice day and I'm glad that we got to spend it with family! We were missing quite a few people (like Ashley who took this shot) but we got a picture!We love Loulou!
with Grandpa and Grandma Bryant


  1. you are glowing and the food looks delicious :)

  2. Sweet. That first pic ~ she really does look like Fritz. :)

  3. did you tag Feltman Brothers on your posts?!?

  4. Ok - If I have girl, you MUST let be borrow that blessing dress!!!!!!! I'm dying over here. Dying dead. Everything looked perfect and wonderful, per usual. I wish I could've been there to hear all that she was blessed with. I'm sure I would've cried my eyes out. Love you, Lizzy Lou and LouLou (and Bryant Boys). -- also, I'm deciding to be Lela Lou :)

  5. What a beautiful blessing day! The photos you had taken were beautiful too! Sometimes the evening or day after my little one's blessing day, I would dress them back up into their special outfit and take even more photos! :) They only fit on those precious outfits for such a short time :)


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