March 17, 2014

spring visitors

This weekend our friends, Eric and Megan, came into town from Ventura. They brought their 16-month old and their 6-week old baby girl and I was in heaven! I wanted to hold her constantly and it made me really excited to have this little girl growing rapidly inside me. There is nothing more delicious than a newborn! Would you just look at that face? And she smelled so amazing too! I know you can't smell it, but just imagine that delicious newborn smell because it was there on her face and neck and it was heavenly.
We took them to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad park in Scottsdale. I had never been before and it is so fun! The kids all played hard while we sat on the benches and ate sandwiches and grapes. Then Megan and I took the little kids (minus the baby, who stayed with Eric) on the train ride. Both my boys loved it! Fritz was in heaven and then had a not so minor meltdown when it was over and he had to get off (no picture of that little piece of fun).
The next day we went swimming at my friend, Ashley's pool, but, even though it was 84 degrees, we were all too cold! Ha! Such wimps. It was still fun though and the boys loved it (especially since David got off work early and came to join us). On the way home, we were stopped at a red light and William said, "Mom take a picture of me in my cool sunglasses!" and flashed this cheeser grin. I was dying. He is so funny and sweet. I love my little buddy.


  1. I can't wait for that delicious baby girl to get here too!!!!!

  2. Love love love that first picture. :) So precious. Country Girl's Daybook: recently,


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