March 12, 2014

last chance design

Today is the last day for my reduced price for custom mood boards! I've been busy all week with new clients (yay!). I know a lot of us (including me) wish we could afford to hire a professional interior designer to help us design our homes, but the reality is that those fees are not within most budgets! That's why I stalk design and DIY blogs! :)

The great thing about these custom room boards is that while lots of people know what they like, they aren't sure where to put furniture, what paint colors to use and how to put things together to get the look they want. I try to find items that are relatively inexpensive for us "normal people" all with the intent that you may find something comparable at your local Home Goods or Target (though a lot of times my recommendation is from Target - Threshold forever!). Here's a "tween" room that I just created for one of my clients whose daughter loves animals (aren't these Animal Print Shop prints the cutest?). I think it turned out really cute and my client loved it!
Contact me if you want me to help get you started in the right direction! If you e-mail me by tonight, my fee will still be $75 and then starting tomorrow, it goes back up to $100 (which is still really low from what I've found online!)

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  1. I die over every design board you do, Elizabeth! You just have the gift! As soon as we can dedicate a little money to some redecorating, I am totally hiring you for some help!


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