February 10, 2014

olympics beginning

Jamie's sister, Lindsay, threw an Olympics Opening Ceremony party this weekend, which was very fun. Her house is so cute and our boys loved playing with their three daughters. Lindsay had put together all kinds of yummy and cute treats and we enjoyed watching the spectacular ceremonies in Russia. The boys stayed up so late that Frederick was a crazy man. He was ridiculously out of control and had us all laughing (and chasing) after his antics. 
where Fritz lived for a while.
Lindsay had "build-a-torch" popcorn in waffle cups, which was very cute. And then golden Joe-Joe's as "gold medals" and fruit kabobs with fresh whipped cream and coconut cream. Jamie and I also made a fruit pizza and brought that. 
Jamie displays our creation.
Lindsay also made these cute Olympic rings made out of pipe cleaners and also torches for the kids. The kids thought they were very fun.
Thanks for inviting us, Lindsay! It's very fun for us to spend time with friends! And weren't the opening ceremonies amazing? My favorite part was the ballet dancing and the VERY brave little girl! Oh, and we can't forget the Russian police choir... Ummmm.


  1. Aw, love these pics! Our kids are cute! Your fruit pizza was so glorious! Glad I had an excuse to throw a party and invite you over! :)

  2. Oh man, I hadn't seen the Russian choir clip yet. Thank you for that :)


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